Time to go home

teamLab Planets

Since our flight wasn't scheduled until 18:30 we had planned to check out the teamLab Planets Exhibition, and since the rain was pouring down we decided to splurge and take a taxi.
We arrived abour 5 min before they opened and the line was already enormous! After about 20min in the pouring rain it was finally our turn to get inside.

Since we already visited teamLab Borderless during our first time around in Tokyo we we're not sure how much would be the same. Luckily only one of the artworks was the same and one slightly similar.

All in all, it was definitely worth visiting both of them since they are quite different experiences!
I specifically loved the orchid room at Planets!

Back at the hotel we had a quick lunch, finished our packing, left the awesome room and returned our keys!
Time for a taxi to the airport!