Final countdown

Sakura / Cherry Blossom

Tokyo's cherry blossoms hit full bloom last Friday. We decided to go back to Sumida Park to check them out. When we were there almost 3 weeks ago a few trees had just started to bloom, this time around they were all in full bloom! Very beautiful indeed!
In reality, you do not need to go to a special place to see cherry blossoms, you can basically find them in any green area, it's only if you want a cherry blossom overload yuo need to go to specific places.

Next we walked over to Nakamise Street for a return visit, the street leading to Senso-Ji Temple. We went here on March 20 but there were so many people that it was impossible to check out all the small touristy store fronts.
Still a lot of people but way less than last time around since last time was a public holiday in Japan.
On the way over there we walked by a kebab place, since it was lunchtime we just had to have some kebab rolls! The Turkish doner kebab was very similar to a "real" Swedish kebab roll, yummm!

You cant go to Japan and not try their favorite game, Pachinko. We found an arcade right next to the temple and had a go. It did not go on forever as they say, we ran out of balls very fast, it might be that everything was in Japanese and we had no clue what buttons to press or how to play the game! When we got out of the smoke-filled arcade we checked out an introduction video and found out that we had done everything wrong!

With no luck with Pachinko Malin instead choose to try her luck on some claw machines, to see if she could get her hands on a comforting plush toy!
Lo and behold! She won one on the first try! Hope we have space in the bags because she's not leaving it behind!

Our last night in Tokyo (at least for this time), we ventured out for dinner. We stumbled upon a Thai restaurant so we had some noodles but this time Thai style!