On the road & Ninjas!

Back in Tokyo

Today it was time to get back to Tokyo and return the rental car.
We enjoyed another nice japaneese breakfast and a good soak inte onsen before we got back on the road.

The drive to Tokyo was only ~1.5 hours so we were in no rush to leave the rykoan but we had to checkout by 11.
We returned our little Suzuki Swift along with its chatty computer and talking toll card machine!
Take care little car, you have served us well!

After a short taxi ride to the hotel it was time for a late lunch, unfortunately the hotel restaurant had a 1 hour wait so we instead opted for room service.

In the evening it was time for an adventure!
Magnus had booked us dinner at a Ninja restaurant!
Must admit we were both a little nervous, we were not sure how cheesy or touristy it would be.
Luckily it stayed perfectly below the cheezy line and turned into an awesome experience!

Secret Ninja Entrance!

Ninja magic!

More ninja magic!

And finally, the view from the hotel window was quite astonishing at night!