Shinkansen - Bullet train

We finally got to ride a Japanse Bullet train, Shinkansen!
We set out from our hotel in the middle of rush hour. After a pretty crowded subway ride (that wasn't bad at all) we arrived at the Shin-Osaka station where we caught the train to Hiroshima.
The train only takes 1.5 hours while it would take a bit over 4 hour by car.

Here comes Skink-Hanson!

Once in Hiroshima we took a street car to the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Museum. After a somber walk through the museum it was nice to exit out into sun in the Peace Memorial Park.
We enjoyed our lunch bento boxes on a park bench in the sun followed by some mandatory vacation ice cream before exploring the park and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome).

Next we climed the Hiroshima Orizuru Tower
They have an amazing roof top viewing platform and have a great art display along the open walkway. But the main reason why we entered the tower was the slide you could ride from the top floor down to the second floor! The slide was dimensioned for kids but Malin decided she just had to do it! It was a blast!

It was time to start moving towards the train station, on the way we passed by the Hondori shopping district and of course had to try our luck on some of the claw machines! No luck this time either.
We then hopped on our return train and ended the evening in the Americamura (america town) next to our hotel in Osaka!